The Neon Corporate Portal is designed as a virtual ‘personal service’ system to match the renowned service standards our clients are used to. It provides clients with an easy and efficient online ordering system for the printing and distribution of marketing materials.

The portal is super user-friendly, so local store managers can log and order from an approved range of printed products specifically branded to their individual store. A central portal minimises errors and costs, streamlines approvals, supports demand flow and fulfilment, and dramatically increases production efficiencies.

NEON Portal creates a seamless shopping experience with invaluable efficiencies built-in.

  • Time saved for users and marketing teams.
  • Easy access to branded materials in a single location.
  • Accurate on-brand materials from personalising artwork.
  • Low implementation and maintenance costs.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Better speed to market.
  • Full warehouse integration for stock available and replenishment.
  • Complete control for marketing team admins.
  • Reporting and insights for rapid decision making.