Awesome Embellishments to Improve Print

Print Embellishments Example

Physical print has been a proven way to differentiate your brand from the competition. Embellishments are different decorative details to add luxury to your printing collateral. As any marketer knows, successful customer engagement stems from memorable experiences. 

This makes spicing up your print to give visual impact while delivering a powerful message very effective.

At Neon, we offer many embellishments and finishing options that can be very cost-effective. In broad terms, embellishments are post-production finishing methods such as digital foiling, spot UV, embossing & debossing, custom die cutting and cello glazing. These processes will be discussed in detail below. 

Digital Foiling: 

Digital foiling is an excellent way to add extra colour, shine and glamour to your print. Foiling refers to the process of applying a thin sheet of foil onto a printed area such as borders, graphics and large text. Digital foiling has come a long way and has become relatively cost-effective in the last few years due to technological advancements.

There are a vast array of foiling colours with this new method, from gold and silver (the most common) to rose gold, blue, green, red and copper.

Adding digital foil to your print will create an upscaled look perfect for invitations, elegant marketing materials and award ceremonies.

Spot UV 

Spot UV is the application of a transparent polymer coating to a specific area of a printed product to highlight the area, adding a very noticeable glossy layer of texture.

Another option is Raised Spot UV, which is the same as Spot UV; however, more polymer is applied to the area giving an impressive raised 3D glossy look and feel.

These applications are often used over large text surfaces and logos to make them pop and stand out. This, combined with other embellishing options will give your print a premium and impressive look and feel.

Celloglazing & Laminating 

Celloglazing is a method used to give print a high-end finish. Celloglazing is available in matt, gloss and velvet soft touch and is often applied on more premium products such as presentation folders, high-quality business cards and books.

Matt celloglaze is a very smooth finish that adds an elegant touch, while gloss celloglaze gives a very highly reflective shiny look and feel to make colours and photos pop.

Soft touch celloglaze is a favourite among Neon customers. Most commonly used for business cards, it gives your print a decadent velvety texture that feels luxurious.

Celloglazing adds a protective seal making the print more durable and water-resistant. It is advised to celloglaze book covers for this reason.

Laminating refers to a thicker plastic coating that can be applied to almost any print job. It is generally used to add durability and longevity to a print job, such as a thick laminate that will protect a poster from dirt and moisture. A laminate can encapsulate the printed material, which means that the plastic laminate will extend around the edge of the document by approximately 5mm, providing a completely watertight seal. 

Custom Die cutting:

Die-cutting is the process of using metal dies/knives that are often custom-made to cut out specific shapes. There is also digital die cutting used for small quantities and prototypes, which uses a laser cutting process.

The die block is used to crease and cut the prints in particular spots and create a product that is either finished or glued together, such as a presentation folder, custom boxes, shelf hangers and business cards.

Diecutting custom shapes that suit your brand and industry can be a great way to set you apart from the crowd and add brand integrity.

At Neon, we have an extensive library of pre-made die-cut templates that can be used to create artwork with the appropriate die lines. If you require a custom die-cut, please call or email us.

Metalic Inks:

Metallic inks are a slightly cheaper alternative to foiling to make your print gorgeous and give it a distinctive sheen. Metallic inks can be applied today in both digital and offset style printing. Metallic inks come in both gold and silver, making it perfect for a luxurious regal look.

Corner Cutting:

Corner cutting is the most economical way to embellish your printed cards. Generally used with business cards with square corners to give them a nice curved edge on either one, two, or all four corners. 

Embossing & Debossing:

Embossing & Debossing is a more expensive premium embellishment method to make your print stand out. Put simply; it is raising or stamping a design or pattern into printed materials using a block with pressure.

Embossing and debossing can be used in combination with offset and digital printing and foil stamping to add depth and visual and physical impact to a design & print job. 

When combining some of these discussed embellishment options, the possibilities and range in print are limitless.

If you have any questions feel free to email or call us at Neon for a dynamic print solution.