Neon is Closing the Loop!

Close the Loop

Over 200kgs of plastics diverted from landfill since 2016.

Neon Dynamic Print Solutions is proud to announce that since 2016 we have diverted over 200 kilograms of ink and toner cartridges away from landfills to be recycled under the Planet Ark Close the Loop program. This equals approximately 350 toner containers which, instead of being wasted, have been repurposed and given a second life!

The cartridges are collected from the Neon Print Production Facility and taken to a sorting plant, where they are separated into their components. These include residual toner, steel, aluminium and plastics. Any residual unused inks are repurposed and put into new pens, while leftover printer toner is combined with recycled glass, plastics and asphalt to produce road surfaces.

The steel components are molten down and used in the production of white goods such as fridges and washing machines, while the aluminium is recycled into food and drink cans. The residual plastics are separated into clean and contaminated parts – the clean plastics are used to manufacture items such as pens. In contrast, contaminated plastics are crushed and turned into synthetic building materials, which can be used to produce environmentally friendly furniture and fences.

The Neon Print team also takes great pride in doing whatever they can day to day around the office and warehouse to reduce their environmental footprint. This includes recycling all paper waste from print production (thousands of kilograms per year!) In addition, our plastic food containers and drink cans and bottles get recycled through conventional recycling channels and at the local Return and Earn Centre (helping to fund our Friday afternoon drinks!)

We even have dedicated boxes in our workshop for used batteries and e-waste. When filled, we bring them to the local Community Recycling Centre at Artarmon to be recycled rather than sent to landfill.

As Howard Zinn once famously said: ‘Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world’. The Neon Print team is proud of the care we take to reduce our environmental footprint. We hope that this care is contagious and inspires our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders to do their environmental best. Together, we can ensure that our environment will be preserved for future generations.