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Brochure, Pamphlet, Leaflet & Flyer Printing in Sydney

Brochures are often the ‘engine room’ of your print communication strategy whether that’s for your business, non-profit, event or special project.

You want something that stands out, looks professional and has a high quality feel, with vibrant colour and accurate reproduction of images.

You need to know that your brochures will be printed on time and delivered to where they need to be, when they need to be there.

You want to work with a printer who is knowledgeable, flexible and able to handle the full range of sizes, fold options, paper stock and quantities as every job might be different.

Welcome to Neon Print.


We Make All The Difference

Our aim is to be so good with your first job that you never look elsewhere again.

As our current clients confirm, we become your ongoing print partner - an extension of your team - by surpassing your expectations, looking after your work as if it’s our own.

Not an 'expert' in print? No problem. We're here to share our knowledge and experience, and make you look like a veteran.

And we’re not just a printer. If you don’t already work with a graphic designer, Neon Print can help you bring your project to life with flair and precision, ensuring your brand’s integrity is maintained across all of your printed materials.

Your Brochure Options

Brochures come in all shapes and sizes and we are open to discussing the bespoke as well as standard options, such as:

  • Z Fold
  • Roll Fold
  • Bi Fold
  • Tri Fold
  • Cross Fold
  • Map Fold
  • Double Parallel Fold

Not sure what you want? Printing can be complicated. We’ll listen to what you are trying to achieve and take you through your options. One of our strengths is demystifying the complexities, helping you make quick, confident and smarter decisions.

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Making Your Brochures Stand Out

There’s nothing wrong with standard colour printing, but at times you need to make an even greater impression.

There are a range of print finishes and embellishments that can take your print projects - and in turn your brand - to the next level.

Not able to tell an 'raised UV' from a 'celloglaze'?

If you aren’t fully across all the print industry jargon, we explain each finishing process and show you printed examples so you get an immediate visual feel for what's possible.

It's all part of our regular customer-centred service, the Neon Difference: the extra mile we go - and the expertise that we put at your disposal - to make your business stand out from the crowd.

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